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Re: rear ended

On Mar 5, 10:45am, Lee Levitt wrote:

> And btw, if everyone did as Eric did in this situation, our
> insurance rates would be 1/2 what they are today...he *correctly*
> identified a risky situation, gave himself extra margin for that
> "what if", saved several other people from getting whacked...and
> reduced the damage to his car at the same time.

It's a nice thought, but insurance rates wouldn't be any different.
I regularly do this... always leave escape routes, always think
about the escape routes of others, etc.  I've saved more than
a few accidents from happening, by being aware of what was
transpiring around me.  And I'm now considered an assigned risk.
Go figure.

> Well done...now if we could train non-engineers to think like that!
> :) There *is* hope, of course...I'm a marketing guy, and I take
> similar precautions...

Ah, but like most others that have started down the path to the
Dark Side, you probably started out as an engineer, and so are
still retaining some of the good stuff.  Give it time; you'll
be driving, drinking coffee, talking business on the cellphone
and reading the WSJ all at the same time.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q