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Seattle Body Shop, Very Good Experience

Hey local listers,
I want to pass along a happy story about RNR Automotive Refinishing on the 
Eastside.  Thanks to fellow listers John Allred and Aiman I took my business 
there and was not disappointed.  My Ginster yellow CQ had the BBGun damage 
repaired and repainted.  Then, this fellow Tim, who is the estimator, gave 
me a very reasonable quote to paint the remaining quarter panel where a 
previous owner had someone do a very poor paint repair job, reason unknown. 
 I had my whole passenger side repainted to match.  They even continued the 
hood blend to cover all the rock chip paint damage, no charge!  After all 
was said and done my CQ is beautiful, IMHO it is back to spec color anyway 
you look at it.
Oh, one last tidbit, on the way home the front turn signal lamp assembly 
FELL out never to be seen again. Figured the reinstaller didn't snap the 
thing in properly so, I called Tim up the next day and he promptly ordered a 
replacement.  No haggling.
So, this group gets the job done and respects the customer, not bad these 
days, eh?
Thanks John and Aiman,