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Re: J Stevens, I think I need a Psychiatrist

Got hit by a bus here in Chicagoland. I was stopped at a red light and 
the guy got blinded by the sun and hit me.

Well, I was in the wifes A4Q2.8 auto - sounded horrible as I was shoved 
forward almost into the truck in front. Bus driver and I got out to 
look at the damage (What damage...!!!!). Cops came (Public service 
vehicle accident has to be reported to police) checked out the car and 
scratched their heads...(One said Wow, wheres the damage!!)

Long story short, shock absorbers in bumper worked great....
Took it to State Farm where the guy looked at the accident report 
scratched his head, checked the repair book and wrote me a check for 
Went to body shop (Birkholz in Westmont,IL - GREAT work they do) they 
checked, scratched their heads (WOw, hit by a bus eh!!?) fixed it and 
charged me $187.80 !!!!

Just refinish the clearcoat, adjust the shock absorber and re-align the 
bumper cover - THATS IT!!!

Damn right they are a safe car - AUDI RULE   !!!!!