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Shade tree methods for removing famous crankshaft bolt

Hi everybody

        I was wondering if I could gather some collective wisdom/thoughts on
"shade tree" methods for removing the mother of all crankshaft bolts on 5
cyl Audis without tool 2084 (which I obviously don't have...) in
anticipattion of doing a timing belt job on my Coupe GT.

        Some I believe I've heard on this list are ....

        1) attempt to lock the flywheel but inserting hefty screwdriver (or
railroad spike !??) into the timing        

                        The disadvantage here is that if you break something
off and it falls inside the
                        flywheel housing your seriously screwed.

        2) Attach socket wrench to said bolt and use the starter motor
torque to loosen it by having the socket
           wrench secure against a solid floor (i.e crank bolt tries to spin
one way while attached socket+wrench
stays put)

                        Could be damaging to starter motor (??) plus this
method would not work to torque the bolt
                        back on. 

        Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!!!

	- ed 

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