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RE: Ultrasonic parking aids ...

Has it really come to this? We are talking about parking a car, right?
To think, all this time I've
been getting by simply using sideview mirrors with no apparent side
effects. Now I can have my car
complain about my driving too!

 A side note to this, I was relating the fun I was having in a rental
car a couple weeks ago that had a GPS setup that not only showed a map
but had a voice to tell me when to turn and the name of the road I was
to turn onto. Her response? GET ME ONE OF THOSE - NOW! 

Anton J. Gaidos, III
PC Design
Motorola Computer Group
"The fortunate man knows how much he can safely leave to chance"

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>Subject: 	Ultrasonic parking aids ...
>> Well, the tidbit that caught my eye was the ultrasonic parking
>> aid.  Sounds like this is a rear-mounted sensor that is set up
>> to give you distance info... are there other cars that have this,
>> or is this another Audi first?
>... I've seen a BMW cage commercial that showed someone maneuvering a BMW 
>amonst some expensive vaaaaaaaaahses using some IR or ultrasonic device 
>to give distances.  Hell, you could buy a kit from Polaroid several years 
>ago to build your own ...
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)
>Speaking of commercials ... I must say I really like those new MBz ones ...