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Front end coil springs, 1990 tqs 200, brief

Second request, same subject, in hopes of a response from a sympathetic

Okay--less chat and more basics.

Right front pass. side coil spring broken off the base, causing a "droop"
of about 2 inches.  So I need to replace the coil spring--and probably
should replace both front springs.   Shocks seem okay, but should I
replace--if so, with what?? 

What is a decent price for a pair of front coil springs and where can I get
them.  Linda???  Blush--I don't know how to contact Linda or how to ask for
Audi Q List discount (is there one??))  Please advise..

Doug-- in the Green Mountains of Vermont with 16" of snow forecast for
tonight.  This is four-ring land, gentlemen and ladies.

Doug Terman, Telecom Ops Mgr.
Antilles Engineering, Ltd.
snail:   PO Box 318, VT 05674, USA
voice:  (802) 496 3812
fax:       (802) 496 3814