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V8 Story

	I am new to the list and have had an 86'5KS since 1990 and now am 
hooked on Audi cars. Well ever since the V8 first came out I have dreamed 
of owning one but even now a decent one can run well over 10K. Well there 
was a 1990 black/black V8Q for 7.5K that was not running. To summarize  
the owner did not change the timing belt and some teeth sheered off. Audi 
dealer said job could run 5k. A local mechanic said he could change belt and
car would run fine.  NOT. These people were not audi savy but owner had 
receipts for dealer maint. and UFO changeover. The car was in excellent 
shape in and out, But I was about to take a big gamble; buy a car with a 
bad engine and not know condition of mechanicals(no test drive).  Owner 
said car was running perfectly up until the car died. Other buyers passed 
on car b/c of complexity of repair and expense.
	Well I bought the car. Got the owner down to 5.5k. Flat bedded it 
back to NY (I go to school in Boston).  I have two good friends (Audi 
mechanics) who would tear down the engine.  FINDINGS: Bent valves, One 
valve "head" was completely sheared off, its piston looked like someone 
took an ice pick to it, cyl.head on that side had some cracks- a disaster
but I had anticipated as much. TASK: find a V8 engine. Shokan wanted 3k 
for block and heads, too much I thought. Found one in West. Mass with 24k 
but I was suspicious of mileage. Drove there and engine was complete and 
looked good. I 
got it for less than shokan. Changed tbelt,rollers,water pump,rear main 
seal, serp belt, put in plugs(stock Bosch from owners manual-any upgraded 
plugs for the 3.6L?), new seals for cooling connections, and exhaust gaskets.
My friends did a tremendous job, I would not have trusted anyone else.  They
know what needed to be changed and cut no corners.
	They said the engine removal and install. was a pain; many
special tools needed, but they have worked on these  engines before
and knew the details.   
	This took about 2 months(from purchase to driving the V8Q) but 
the car started up fine and was extremely quiet. TEST DRIVE-strong and quiet
and before you know it you are way past 65mph. No rattles or clunks, 
steering is smooth, brakes are fine,smooth shifts from the AT. Gamma bose
is terrific.  A V8 in black is just the ultimate in my opinion. Problems:
2 window swithes are erratic...that is it for now.  
	Drove the car 700 mi with zero problems.  It is AMAZING. So I got 
my dream car for (car, parts, labor, tow) around 10k and don't have to 
worry about tbelt for a few years.  

Andrew Romero
90 V8Q
86 5KS