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Re: How to Change the air filter on S-6

>I have just tried to install my K & N filter... WOW..
>how do you get the air box open on a '95 S-6...I see the clips, and I
>have removed the outflow rubber hose... now do I take out those 4
>phillips head screws that hold the heat sheild to the air box?...
>seems like a bit much so I stoped for advice..there must be an easier
>way...... (I HOPe :)
>Thanks in advance for help

I don't know why I am replying to this, but, nobody has yet (although I am
sure 500 will).  I don't own an S6, nor do I know how to replace your air
filter.  However, it seems almost all the Audis are set up the same in the
aspect that their air filter is usually by the right headlight (left while
staring at engine) and jammed in there.  I imagine most will tell you that
you can pull all of that mess out, or, pull real hard and wedge the new
filter in.  It is real tough on my 4000, but, I have to do it to oil my
filter.  I do know that you will like your K&N as it provides a nice little
sound and helps with throttle response.  I can't hear mine, my exhaust
overpowers it.

Hope this helps.

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