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Re: Pictures are there...

I got in.  All I can say is WOW!!!  Glad you're still with us, Peter.

WA>In a message dated 97-03-05 21:12:42 EST, peterhe@microsoft.com (Peter
WA>Henriksen) writes:

WA> Just posted the "after" pictures of my 91 200 to my Web page:
WA> http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1001.
WA> - peter
WA>  >>
WA>Those photos really bring it home...

WA>And wouldn't you know it, my connection crashed/terminated as I was just
WA>starting to see the extensive damage.  Must be everyone else vying for a loo
WA>see.  For all the work and trouble they sometimes give us, it is comforting
WA>that these cars are more than willing to give their lives for ours.  Again,
WA>glad your still with us, Peter, and hope you find a "new" 200W 20v soon.

WA>-Ingo Rautenberg
WA>90 V8Q 163k+

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