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Do I buy 89 200 Turbo Quattro?

I need an Audi Quattro to last me for a year or so until I can afford a
used A4.

	I owned a 90 Quattro 90 20 valve and thought it was the greatest.

	*****I looked at an 89 200 Quattro Turbo today, and I have some
questions.  Car has 81,000 miles  - $8,000 - car is being sold by a
dealer who sells all types of used cars (this is NOT an AUdi dealer).

	Does anything frequently go wrong with the 200 Quattro that I should
know about?

	In this particular vehicle:  the rear power windows would not work with
the controls on the rear doors or with the controls on the driver's
	The car was tough to start cold.  After it started, it took 4 or 5
seconds for the engine to idle smoothly - it ran at low RPM and very
rough for those couple of seconds.
	When the car was started, there was a very loud squeal/squeak/whine
coming from the area of the radiator fan.  Could it be a bearing or just
a belt?
	The car pulled slightly to the right when driving.
	The climate control buttons had to be pushed very firmly in order to
get them to work.  Is there any way to repair this?  My 90Q had climate
control problems and it got pretty costly.

	DO I need to worry about the turbocharger (I had a Saab turbo go bad at
about 70,000 miles)?

	That's it!

	Darrin Lucas
	Danbury, CT