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A4 2.8 Mods- a collection

Being an A4Q owner who feels that my car underperforms (understanding of course that it wasn't built as a performance car) I'm trying to collect all available modifications that have been discussed on the list. If anyone can add to this thread please do so. Personal experiences would be appreciated. I think it would be helpful to other A4 2.8 owners to know which mods are available, the price, and the gains.

I feel that the major shortcomings of the car are its body roll and acceleration.


Shaumberg Throttle body - http://wwwheels.com/audi-subaru/highperf.htm

Shaumburg claims no overall hp gain but increase in low end torque. TAP claims that this mod will add 8 peak hp. Cost: $295 + labor if you don't remove and install it. P.S. check http://www.denver.net/~jet/a4.html for Dan Masi's comprehensive description of the modification.

K&N Panel filter or filter charger

TAP claims this will give a 7 hp gain. Apparently this modification works well with the throttle body mod. The filter charger costs $95 but Shaumberg offers a throttle body/filter charger kit for $350. I think the panel filter costs around $40 but I'm not sure. I've heard that the filter charger kit emits an induction "whoosh" under full load. Does anyone know if these items filter as well as the stock filter? Is there any danger in using these?

TAP Chip - http://www.tap1.com/tap.htm

I've yet to hear from anyone who has used the chip for the 2.8. TAP claims a 17 hp increase. The cost I believe is $495. Ivor thinks that a throttle body, filter charger, and chip combination would yield a 205 hp output. If so, this seems like an interesting path for more power. What does everyone else think?


Please add information.


Craig Jones at Shaumburg Audi says that he knows of a supercharging kit that yields 240 hp and costs $4000. Way out of my budget.


I know very little about how to reduce the body roll in turns. TAP gave me these names as options for the A4. Jamex, Intrax, H&R and Eibach. Has anyone modified their suspension? How much does it cost? Comments would be appreciated.


I know very little about upgrading wheels and tires. Actually, I'm fairly satisfied with the RSAs. I think when they wear out in a few years I'll put on some performance tires and buy a set of snows.