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Shade tree methods for removing famous crankshaft bolt

In a message dated 97-03-06 01:26:19 EST, David wrote:

<< From: Steve Valin wrote:
 > remove one of the spark plugs
 > move the engine so that the piston in this cyl is at the bottom
 > insert clean beefy cotton rope in cyl.  attempt to shove in as much as
  > as you attempt to loosen the bolt, the piston will compress the rope and 
 > eventually come to a stop.  This will hold the crankshaft in place.  
  > I make no guarantees...
  > -steve
  Geez, talk about a high risk approach!!!!  Sorry but IMO you must be
 crazy to take this approach.

Just make sure that cylinder has its valves closed, and you'll be fine.  And
be sure to leave a little rope out the plug hole for removal.

David, why do you think this is so risky?

Steve Bigelow
Ottawa ON