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4000Q's with 2.3 motor

     Apparently, a number of people think I am mistaken.  Since I have 
     never seen one that I myself determined to have the 2.3, I am not 
     going to argue.  But let me tell you where I got my info.  One: the 
     concept of the body colored mirrors being a definitive indicator of a 
     2.3 I got from Road and Track Magazine (Shoot me now, OK?)  Two: I 
     looked at a 4000Q on a dealer lot, that the dealer (Don Rosen Audi, 
     outside of Philly) told me was a 2.3, and at the time I didn't believe 
     him, and he gave me a big line about how Audi "ran out" of 2.2 
     engines, and HAD to put them in, and that this was definitely one, and 
     blah, blah, blah....  Anyway, I'd like to be wrong on this one, 
     because I didn't buy that car, and instead bought an 86 4000Q, which 
     definitely has a 2.2 motor.
     Learning more and more each day....