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Still have hard start problems - any ideas?

I am still having hard start problems with my 87 5KTQ after replacing #5

I think all injectors are O.K. although they are hard to test when the
engine is hot.

It seems to be a fuel dilevery problem because the engine dosen't
stumble or act flooded when it does fire up. It seems that if the
cyclinders were getting fuel during long cranking times it would act
flooded when it finally did start.

I have checked for vacuum leaks and the Intercooler to intake hose.

I have been reading some diagonistics from a Mitchell manual and it said
the coolant temp sensor should read between 60-1000 ohms. I checked mine
this morning when the car had sat overnight (ambient temp approx. 30 Deg
F) and it read 1950 ohms. Both of the single wire (blue wire ) temp
sensors on the left side of the engine read 1950 ohms. I swapped the
wires to them and this didn't help. I think the one on top of the
coolant hose housing is the one for the ECU - not sure what the other
one is for (towards the front of the engine block under the HP pump

Mitchell manual mentioned the idle stabilizer could cause hard starting.
They say to hook a dwell meter to OXS test connector and look for 80%
dwell while cranking. Not sure what this dwell is or how to test it with
a regular DVM or where the OXS test conn. is located.

Could still be pressure problem - how can I troubleshoot the fuel pump
check valve?

TIA for any ideas on what to do next.