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Re: Lock pins and keys

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>>In fact, the last time I did this on my coupe, I went through my
collection of new pins and
installed all new pins in the cylinder to replace the very worn ones that 
were in there.

>Is this easy to do?  I presumed that the barrels were sealed.  How long
would it take me?

Well, bearing in mind this was something I did 18 months ago or so...

As I remember the cylinder is held in by ....  oh heck let me go look at one
... yes, with one philips head screw.  Keep track of where the springs go
because you'll be dropping them...
With that screw out the inner cylinder slides out of the "outside" of the
handle side and the pins are exposed.  There were seven in my lock, two on
one side, five on the other.  They appeared to have about five different
depths, which I measured at some arbitrary point with a caliper.  I drew all
this out while doing it so as not to get lost.  I used the pins from the new
cylinder and a couple of others from previous new cylinders and reinserted
them, dosed the assembly with a bunch of Ford bearing grease (?) and
reassembled.  Someday I'll do my passenger side because the key is a bit
touchy over there.  

If the handle(s) are off already I don't see this taking more than a relaxed
hour and a half.  It's not hard at all you just want to get everything
together the way it came apart.  Bright light and a clean floor (that's
where the smallest parts go when they come off) will be important.

have fun!

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers

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