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Re: Magic, mystic KKK and the gang

> Be advised, I may not be able to post more on this, some Coimbra issues are
> pending on my posting status.  

It's funny reading that, since coimbra is a city in Portugal.
To think the fate of a city depends on an email list just
makes me laugh :)

In a nutshell, Scott is worried about treading the thin line
between vendor and lister.  I hate to, once again, have to make
a policy, but, just off the top of my head, I see no reason why
a vendor (esp. an individual like Scott as opposed to someone
like a parts supplier) can't participate based on his 
experience.  If the post ends with "...and so that's the
best solution, and I have it for $69 this month!" then
you've got to wonder.  I think Scott was just mentioning that
he sells/modifies turbos so that it didn't look like he was
covering up.

Gotta tell you guys, I'm getting a bit tired of playing daddy,
and I have less and less time for it these days.  Play nice :)

| Dan |
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