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Re: 4kq exhaust manifold

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>I read your cam question with interest. I also own a Audi Coupe but will
the nice header style downpipe and exhaust manifold fit our cars. I believe
this exhaust is the reason the 4kq sedans were rated at 115 hp while the
Coupes with the exact same engine are rated at 100 hp. Thanks - Edward

Well, yes and no.  The manifold will bolt right on.  That sounds a lot
easier than it is to do.  I had the luxury (hah!) of having the engine out 
(had to throw it out) so the swap was done on an engine stand.  A couple of
the studs stripped out and had to have heli-coil repairs done.  This
manifold is a beauty!  Five pipes combine into three, one small (about the
size of the original manifold outlet) and two large, this then bolts to the
downpipe which brings those three together into one 50 mm or bigger outlet.

1.  your oxygen sensor will have to be relocated.  It is originally in the
stock manifold, you will need to place it somewhere else.  The 4kq has a
socket for it in the cat I think.

2.  The new em/dp won't bolt to the transmission the old way.  Mine seems to
just hang fine though.  It will bolt to the intake manifold with the little
support straps.

3.  The new em/dp touches an unused bushing on my transmission.  One of
these days I going to go in there and cut it off.

4.  I have not yet replaced the rest of my exhaust system.  I took part of
the old downpipe and cut a couple of pieces to form a custom connector to
the existing cat.  Sloppy but serviceable welding by yours truly.  

5.  This kludge pipe is where I drilled a hole and welded in an OXS socket 
(bought from local speed shop, $8) and installed a heated OXS.  It needs to
be heated supposedly because it's too far from the heat source now.  I'm not
sure I noticed a difference before and after heating it.  I'm running it off
the heavy coil 12v terminal right now, it only draws 1.5 A cold.

6.  Next... the 2-1/4" pipes and muffler will come off my 81 5kt parts car,
I'll get a high flow cat at the speed shop, and play amateur cut and welder
and build a nice "free flow" system.

7.  If you've got the time and $ to play with, the word is to get the em/dp
at least ceramic coated (Jet Hot?) for a long lifetime and great looks.  I
painted mine with 1100 deg. white paint.  So so results.  (my orange cam
cover and oil pan look great however!)

The engine in my car pulls a lot stronger now, trouble is I changed the
engine so I don't know how much was the em/dp and how much was my old engine
pooping out.  So much for scientific evidence.

PS thanks to Chris Semple at Autobahn in Bow NH for speedy service on the
used em/dp - didn't keep the mechanic waiting at all!

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers

Sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from science....