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Reply: Oetinger 4000Q

     A few year ago, I wrote to Oetinger about their program for the 4000Q. 
      They sent me a really nice brochure (in German) giving me all the 
     specs, and a price list.  The whole package includes a thoroughly 
     reworked engine.  They bore it and stroke it to 2.5 liter, and the 
     output is 165 hp.  They lower it, and put Koni adjustable shocks on 
     it.  And they put bigger wheels on it, Ronal R8's 15x7 with tires 
     205/55-15.  And they give you some extra gauges in the interior.
     Since I already owned a 4000Q, the price list they sent me was for 
     getting the work down piece-wise.  If I pulled my engine and sent it 
     to them, they would send it back to me in their 2.5 configuration for 
     the tiny sum of $5000 (at the exchange rate of the time, again, a few 
     years back)!!!
     If this is a true Oetinger complete package, it is an awesome car.  
     Even if it just has the Oetinger worked engine, it is a serious 
     vehicle.  If the owner is like a second owner or something and doesn't 
     know or appreciate what it is, maybe you could steal it off of her 
     relatively cheap.  This is really something special!!
     I have no numbers on how many were built.  If you ordered it, they 
     would build it.