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FREE: Bosal Exhaust - A4 2.8/1.8T

The product manager for Bosal-USA  is looking for some donor vehicles for 
testing their exhausts for Audi A4 2.8 and A4 1.8T.  They are renting a 
chassis dyno in WestChester, PA (near Philly) and will test the cars for 3-5 
days.     They are also looking at headers.  As payment, each car used will 
receive a free exhaust system. These systems retail in the $500-700 range. 

If interested, email me at sjagernauth@attmail.com and I'll put you in touch 
with him.  I have no financial interest in this, just thought I'd pass it on 
since none of my cars are new enough to qualify.

(Other cars needed: 94+ 3-series, 95+ Neon, 93+ Probe/MX6, 90+ Miata, '94 + 
Accord, '89+ 240SX, '95+ Talon/Eclipse/Laser, 95+ Camry, 96  RAV4, 93+ VR6 

p.s. I need 2 205/60R15 or 215/60  Michelin XGT tires in case anyone has a 
pair gathering dust in their garage.  Needed for state inspection on my 
track car, they don't buy "...but R1s are DOT-legal".


Steve Jagernauth ---------> sjagernauth@attmail.com
'88 5ktqw, '87 5kt, '74 911/3.0