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RE: Peter's Car

You guys are *so* funny :-)

Actually, the thought crossed my mind...
- peter

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>On Thu, 6 Mar 1997, Dave Head wrote:
>> At 10:04 AM 3/6/97 CDT, you wrote:
>> >I see that the euro-headlights and the turbo taillights on Peter's 
>> >car are all intact.
>> >
>> >Anyone having ideas of dickering with him to create a pseudo-Turbo??  
>> >(I always did like these taillights...)
>> >
>> I thought the same thing...  Vultures, aren't we?  I guess I spend too much
>> time in junkyards...
>Actually, I was thinking convertible 200tqw.  I am sure Stramann
>in Newport Beach could come up with a nifty canvas top.
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