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not alone!

Adams, Daniel wrote:
> With the recent discussion of synthetic oil, I will pass along details of
> an article I read last night in Roundel (BMWs Car Club magazine).
> The article was sourced from a study that Mobil did on a 1990 BMW 325is.
>  They ran the car day and night 25% at 55mph and 75% at 80mph.  This was
> done for 4 years and at 1 million miles they tore down the engine.  They
> found one bearing and one cylinder that showed some wear but no other
> wear.  They reassembled the engine and take it to Mobil sales, etc. shows
> now.
> They ran Mobil premium gas and used Mobil 5w-30 Synthetic.  They recapped
> the few items that broke on the car (water pump, auto transmission and
> few other items).  They followed the manufactures recommended maintenance
> (7500 oil change interval, on my previous 1989 325is).
> I know the Anti-synth crowd will be skeptical of a study done by the oil
> maker, but I haven't heard of any non-synth studies.
> regards,
> Daniel Adams
> 93 - 90CS (Mobil 1) - mine
> 95 - C280 (Mobil 1) - boss, err wife's car
> 89 - Nissan Pickup (Mobil non-synth)
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don't be alone synt.oil it's the only way I have two car audi 80 quattro
1988 and honda civic 1991 both car have amsoil audi w\169789 never have
problem even leak.I switch to amsoil in 1989 when car had 31569.my wife
car honda begin w\2256miles same result.look my prediction are 3 to 8
year to every body uses synt.oil ...synt.oil the only way ja!