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Re: Organ Donation (was Front end coil springs, 1990 tqs 200, brief)

>> And I know EXACTLY where those parts are.
>So they all went to good homes (where they will be ridden hard, but not
>put away wet)?  I'll sleep better tonight just for knowing that...

Actually there are sitting in someones garage... Same Garage that the ECU 

>P.S.  In a recent post to the list, you mentioned that a car might be
>lowered slightly more in back than in front-- interesting concept for
>reducing push.  Is 1/8 your recommendation for most of the 44 cars, or
>just a workable setting?  Would you recommend trying this for the V8,
>which is already biased pretty much toward the front, but which does
>still understeer?

To kill understeer on the V-8 you would have to lower the rear alot more 
than 1/8"..... Much more than pratical.  Look elsewhere.   Someone in St. 
Louis will have the solution on their V-8 soon. (If I can get the parts 
out of some braziallian Indycar drivers hands.)


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO