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Re: Audio, no audi content

James Fawcett wrote:
> Hey guys.  I was just wondering if any of yo9u were familiar with Sherwood
> or Pyramid car audio stuff.  How good is it, if it is good at all?

Sherwood (uncertain origin) is OK for a mid-Fi. I had a full sys in my
'85 5000s (head unit + 7 band passive EQ + amp).
At all cost stay clear of anything made by Pyramid (China). Horrible
noise filtration!

>  Also, I
> am sort of familiar with Denon and Clarion, but do you guys and gals know
> anything about them that I should know?  What are your opinions?

Dennon (Japanese) is outstanding. I have installed a lot of them and
none failed to live up to it's reputation. Also, Denon's illumination is
red, which will match your torpedo illumination. Denon also includes
green and blue replacement silicon "condoms" for the light bulbs, so you
can leter change the dial colour if you ever decide to become unfaithful
to Audi. I also have a full professional Denon rack at home (2 non
reveresible, single tape drive, 3 head, 3 motor decks + CD and LP
players + a huge amp with the liquid cooling of the output stages, this
kind of stuff). If you can afford to put a Denon sys in your car, go for
it, you won't be disappointed.

Clarion (Dutch) is OK . Saab installs it as OEM. However, Clarion,
undoubtfully, yeilds the laurels to Denon.

After many years in the industry I have come to rank HiFi equipment in
this order:
1. American made (and I_don't_mean GE or Sears. More like Haffler and
the like).
2. Japanese made.
3. European made.

The first cathegory is usually insanely expensive, which basicaly leaves
only the second one as the only feasible choice for most of us.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ w/0.5kw worth of Alpine stuff.