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Re: New A6 Info

Hairy green toads from Mars made Allan Jones say:

> > A6 that interested me. Sorry, but I think it's even uglier than
> > the new A4, which I find really ugly....
> 	A6 ugly, YES in many ways(mostly rear) I agree....BUT the A4!??!!!! I
> find it *very* hard to believe that you think the new A4 is "really
> ugly." I didn't think anyone, even those who haven't got a clue about
> cars and/or style, thought it was "really ugly." Hmmmph..and you're an
> Audi fan??!?

Believe it.

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to car styling. I just *LOVE* the
look of my '89 100Q. A traditional, unmistakable sedan, gentle on the
eyes and without any surprises whatsoever.

The slighlty newer 100/A6 and 90 series' (like my wife's '90 90Q20V)
are a little wierd, but passable. The new A4 is just too much like a
cheap knockoff of last year's Honda Accord. The shapes are strange to
look at, and the overall style is too distracting, yet lacking in
any real interest for me.  The new A6 is the same, only worse. It
looks like a Taurus....

Give me back some square corners, and a car I can recognize.

Sorry for the rambling, but I guess I'll be keeping my 100Q a while.


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