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Re: '88 5KTQW

>     What's a fair price for a 1988 Quattro Turbo Wagon. The car is a 
>     special edition Canadian car built to promote the Montreal Olympics. 
>     Consequently it's fully loaded. Two owners, second owner is a 
>     mechanic, the car has 168,000kms and 4 new tyres.
That must be quite a car, since the Montreal Olympics were in 76. 
Seriously, I would like to hear what shape the car turns out to be in, as 
I recently went to see a guy that had 2 of these vehicles. One was in 
poor shape and the other in fair shape. He thinks that since they are 
Olympic special editions that they are worth tons, but he wouldn't give 
me a price. He wouldn't let drive them either, so I walked away figuring 
that he wanted them more than I did. He also indicated that there were 
only 40 of these built, but I've seen lots of them around and this number 
seems low. Does anybody know any different?