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No Audi content whatsoever (but short):

A smile and a tip of the hat to Igor Kessel at Fredericks (Is it "Eye-gor"
or "Eee-gor?" (Grin, and no insult intended.)

Some years ago I was teaching at a vocational school, and was reading the
roll sheet for the first day of classes - came to - ready - "Basil Tewksbury
Crapster" Gotta be a joke, I thought, called the name, voice responded
"Here!" Moment of stunned silence - NOBODY could be named that! - then he
said "Just call me shitty!"

Note that the vocational school trained motorcycle mechanics - great, big,
hairy guys with tattoos (Insert standard media Harley rider stereotype here)
- eveyone laughed. Figure this guy made a good choice - he had two chioices
- 1) fight everyone there one at a time or all at once, or 2.) make a joke
out of it. He took option 2, and lived to tell about it.

Also, I once bought a motorycle from a guy named Richard Sweet - he
preferred the usual familiar form to Richard. Okay, whatever you say.

Best Regards

Mike Arman