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Re: '88 5KTQW


I'm also in the market for a TQW. Regrettably, the ol Ford Crown Vic Tow Car 
(aka Whale)is on it's last legs. I've hauled everything with this vehicle. Even 
had the rear filled with dried sludge from our local waste water facility when 
we were landscaping our back yard. ( Hot summer days still remind me of that 
adventure!)  So... why not make it an all Audi all wheel drive family! The car 
is intended to be the family car which means a new teeny driver gets to 'borrow' 
it occasionally. If it were for me I'd spring for the earliest model I could 
find however I'm thinking safety for the kid and her friends. 

Given that I've never owned a car that's newer than '85, I a neophite on the 
safety stuff. What year did the abs come in and what about airbags? 

Any advice from the q-listers would be appreciated.

Paul A. Caouette

Partners for Community Development
Denver, Colorado
 83 TQC with 207k & Still Going ( only 200 more miles on the rebuild run-in 
before the "Knobben" gets hooked up)
 85 4000Q 
84 Crown Vic (165k) looking down the raod to that crusher with a drooping tail.
And Many past Audis Gone but not Forgotten