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Re: '93 90S for Sale w/o AC?

Jon wrote:
> I don't know if my last message  got on but it was concerning a 1993
> 90s with 73,000 mile on it.  It's going for $10,900 which I realize
> is a good price but when I was driving it the a/c cut out and the
> tach stopped working.  After stopping the car for a minute the
> salesman who went on the road test with me went and got the finance
> manager who came along and, of course, the a/c started blowing ice
> cold and the tach started spinning just the way it should.
> My question is, does anyone know what might have caused this to
> happen?  The a/c concerns me more than the tach.  Anyone have this
> problem?  I'd not like to go into debt for a car and have to make an
> $1100 repair before it gets 10 miles off the lot.
> Jon
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> jwilliam@water.net

Make sure the ignition has been replaced.  There is a recall for this on
the 90's.  My friends 90Q had overheating and all electrical go out
while driving.  Here 90Q has had the ignition replaced twice.