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RE: A4 Sunroof Malfunctions

I hadtrouble one time with my sunroof once where it seemed to jam slightly and 
wouldn't close, almost like the pinch protect was malfunctioning.  then, all 
of a sudden, it made a loud clunk, as if it fell into place, and closed.  The 
dealer checked it out, no problems since, and that was maybe May or June last 
year.  Knock on wood.

Jon Linkov
96 A4q

He has seen several A4 come through his shop with malfunctioning
sunroofs.  The worst cases include sunroofs that decided to tilt up
while sliding back and one where the roof decided to slide back while
tilting up.  I am not sure if this could be caused through human error
or if it's even mechanically feasible.

Anyone heard of similar problems?