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RE: Audio, no audi content

No matter what manufacturer it is, if it is made anywhere other than 
Japan, Europe, or Us I would never put into my car. 
Otherwise, all of them are the same and use the same technology. The only 
thing that makes one better than another are your subjective preferences. 


On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, merlin wrote:

> All four manufacturers are reputable...
> merlin
> 96 A4q
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> Subject:  Audio, no audi content
> Hey guys.  I was just wondering if any of yo9u were familiar with Sherwood
> or Pyramid car audio stuff.  How good is it, if it is good at all?  Also, I
> am sort of familiar with Denon and Clarion, but do you guys and gals know
> anything about them that I should know?  What are your opinions?  Thanks.
> James Fawcett
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