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RE: Re: Audio, no audi content

Home system contains:
lexicon cp1+        (soon to be replaced by a Denon AVP-8000)
carver ct23         (same as above)
pioneer elite cld79
rca dss reciever    (soon to be replaced by sony dss reciever)
mitsubishi s-vhs vcr
nakamichi rx-505
2 carver tfm-15cb's
carver tfm 35x
b&w matrix 803 II's up front
b&w matrix htm in center
b&w 2003's in back
m&k mx-200 sub
40" mitsubishi tube     (soon to be replaced by Pioneer Elite Pro-119)

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Home sys

Eric Fletcher S.O.C. said:

>>The home system has a pair Halfer amp's...

That's Hafler...at least at my house.