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Re: Quatto: Misc on Sales and Updates

  Beatiful post Scott! 

 Just to add to it and the realitive prices of q's, I just aquired a new
one myself. It was purchased for my SO, but I have been enjoying it for 
the past 3 days now. We bought an 89.5 200Q. Black (matched my UrQ) with
grey leather and sport seats. After some serious rubbing, the car looks
fantastic! Anyway, I consider our purchase a steal! It has 124k on the
clock, but everything works! Price to low to pass up.....$5600! 

  A HUGE thanks goes out to Steve Eiche! He put a lot of effort into the
ECU upgrade and it now runs GREAT! Valerie (the SO) didn't like th idea of
buying "high octane" gas, so right now it is running 1.6bar, but it comes
on SOOO fast. MUCH fun being had out here in CO. Anyone considering an ECU
upgrade should give Steve a buzz before you make a move!  He also supplied
the 4pin sender so I could have a water temp gauge again.

Laters, Ben
Lakewood, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ (STILL has no music)
89' 200Q (Eiche ECU)