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RE: ECU Upgrade/Boost Questions

Possibly at the gauge - they're notoriously unreliable...
- peter

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> Sent:	Friday, March 07, 1997 10:28 PM
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> Subject:	ECU Upgrade/Boost Questions
> Fellow Audians, prior to an ECU upgrade, the boost guage on my '91 200
> TQW would sometimes read 1.8, but easily read 1.7. After the upgrade 
> it read 1.8 pretty quickly and stayed there. After a week, the highest
> reading I'm seeing now is 1.6. I had my mechanic check all of the 
> usual hoses. He has a smoke generator as well which he sent through 
> the system under pressure and found no leaks that way either. Where 
> should we look next? TIA for your help and expertise. GregJ