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RE: quattro 5+5

No.  The 5+5 was, according to CD, "...a poor man's BMW."  It was a 2 door 
coupe with a 5 cylinder engine and a 5 speed transmission.  It was only 
offered in the states in 1981 model year and had, next to the Recaro type 
seats in the S4/6 cars, probably the best performance seats ever installed 
into an Audi.

FYI - The only 4k 4-door 5 cylinder available in 1981 had a 3 speed auto 
transmission and the 4k 4-door with the manual transmission had the 4 
cylinder engine.

My best buddy had a 5+5 and I had the 5 banger 4k 4-door with the auto. 
 This is how I know this.

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>81 4k 5+5

`	Simple question. What is a 4K 5+5. My guess is a 4-door 4K with 5
cylinders and 5 gears. Am I right?
						TIA! Allan