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Confessions of a former audiophile


Well, after reading all this on audio, I agree with the below.  After a 
given point (read $$$), it is subjective.

>No matter what manufacturer it is, if it is made anywhere other than 
>Japan, Europe, or Us I would never put into my car. 
>Otherwise, all of them are the same and use the same technology. The only 
>thing that makes one better than another are your subjective preferences. 

>> All four manufacturers are reputable...
>> merlin
>> 96 A4q

Starting in junior high I would read audio magazines, work paper routes,
and other odd jobs to save cash for a kickin' stereo.  Purchased a Yamaha,
Nakamichi, Denon (this is pre CD), JBL system.  Girlfriends' reactions?

"Gee, that sounds nice......"

In high school I upgraded to a better amp and some Klipsch LaScala speakers
and a better cartridge for the turntable.  Girlfriends' reactions?

"Gee, that sounds nice......."

In college, I purchased my first CD player (NEC, still have it), some JBL
Studio Monitors, and a Hifi VCR.  Reactions?

"Gee, that sounds nice..... but how come you don't have any money to take
me out?"

After college, struggling with rent, utilities, and car insurance, I still
found $$$ for audio.  But, I was working at an art gallery and decided to
invest in some prints/paintings/seriographs/etc.  Reactions?

"Gee, that sounds nice....OOOOHHHHH I LOVE that painting!!!!"


The LaScala's are now part of my computer desk.  I don't upgrade unless 
something breaks.  I buy quality stuff and expect it to last.  My car
stereo is a simple Sony CD head unit and crossover, Boston Acoustic
plates, Bazooka, and Rockford 25x4 Amps.  Loud enough, but doesn't 
disturb the neighborhood.  And I still have $$$$ to take the wife to a
nice vietnamese place for dinner, and she thinks the car stereo "sounds

85 Coupe GT
85 5ks