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Re: ripped off


As a former Penn State grad, I, too, know the pain of trying to get good
foreign car service in State College.  

Anyway, I recently had one of my front wheel bearings replace at the
dealership here in San Antonio and about a week later I developed the
mysterious 'clunk' from the front.  Took it back a couple of times and
the one guy said it might be that the wheel bearing is shifting in the
housing (he said it has occured with quantums and they couldn't do
anything about it) and another time they said they couldn't hear
anything and couldn't see anything upon inspection.  We'll see what some
other place has to say about that.

So, I would be very curious to here how things turn out with you since I
may be in the same situation shortly.

Bill   '90CQ20v

Kelly and Bill Reigelsperger     
San Antonio, TX