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RE: Gasoline


My everyday driver is a 1991 SAAB 900 Turbo and I use Sunoco 94 all the time. I get great results, and so far...knock on wood...have had no problems with the turbo. Also own a 1969 Corvette Roadster w/ 327CI engine. Have been using the Sunoco 94 Ultra in this vehicle also, but do not have enough history yet to make a definitive statement...just purchased the car in Oct/97 and put it away for the winter shortly there after.

Peter F. Smith
Ivoryton, CT 06442

1990 Audi 90, AT, non-Q[wife's sled]
1991 SAAB 900 Turbo[my sled]
1969 Corvette Roadster[our sled]

From: 	Theodore R. Harlan[SMTP:trharlan@one.net]
Sent: 	Friday, February 21, 1997 2:33 PM
To: 	Quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: 	Gasoline

What kind of gas do you folks use? Many of my friends swear by Sunoco 
94, but I have received inconsistent performance with it-- maybe a few 
of the gas stations I went to weren't selling the real, undiluted 
thing. I have had nightmarishly slow acceleration with Amoco ultimate, 
so for now I am happy with Shell 93, but willing to try something 
else. Oh, and I'd rather run out of gas and try to run on water than 
put BP in there-- sulphur city. 


--Ted Harlan