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Re: US Audis - timing of safety features

On Sat, 8 Mar 1997, John Coffey wrote:
> All of the full size Audis (5000, 100/200, and A-6/S-6 have always had
> the  best head injury score... the new models have 5 star for drive and
> passenger..before the star rating system the feds used a number score,
> Audis was so low that it beat all cars in it class including Volvo, BMW,
> MB and all of the US and Japanese cars. The media keep this good news a
> secret because up until recently it was fasionable for the media to make
> up bad news on Audi....

Not surprizing.   The Unintended Acceleration never phased me because 
when the U.A. charges came about in '86 I was 10 years old.  It was this 
bad press that helps us save $$$ on the purchase price (just to dump it 
back in on maintenance :^)