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It's on its way!

So I finally did the deed today, ordering a '97 A4 1.8T quattro!  It'll
be a 5-speed with the sport package, sunroof/remote locking, winter
package (ski sack and temp gauge) and trip computer.  The dealer will
add a CD player when it arrives.

I picked the Autumn Red (aka Isisrot) metallic with Anthracite sport
seats.  We searched the VW/Audi order system, and there are only four
others in Canada in stock or on order in Autumn Red ... three of them in
Quebec.  Definitely not one of the more common A4 colours.

After almost 30 seconds of intense negotiating, we settled on about
US$1250 over cost (there is no holdback in Canada).  And they'll give me
credit for the all-season Goodyears (I'll probably get either Comp T/As
or RE-71s for the summer).

It'll be April production, so I'll be hoping for a late May delivery.

Tom Haapanen

'97 A4 1.8T quattro (soon)
'93 Passat VR6 (for now)
'74 914 2.0L (also for sale)
'95 Golf GTI 2.0L (this one is my wife's)