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engine,poor acceleration

MODELS:200quattro(20v turbo) 1991M.Y.
                  S4         1992M.Y.
Poor performance between 3000 and maximum engine speed.Engine will not
exceed 1.4 bar boost pressure.Turbo boost leakage in pressurized section
of intake air system.
A:Cracks or tears in the vulcanized seam of the flexible pressure
hose(between throttle body and intercooler).
B:loose clmps on connection of pressure hoses in air intake section
between throttle body and turbocharger.
C:Missing reinforcement rings or O-rings at connection between metal
pressure pipe and intercooler for turbocharger.
D:Cracks in vulcanized seam of turbo by pass hose.
-check for maximum boost pressure.
-if boost pressure is low,check the following:
-visually inspect flexible pressure hose for any minor surface cracks or
tear.Replace hose if necessary...
-check for split seams on pressure hose from turbocharger to bypass
-check that O-ring and reinforcement rings are in place at connection of
metal tbe to intercooler.
-assure that all clamps are tight on pressure hose of air intake...