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Re: '95 90 Quattro

>  Hello group:  I am thinking of purchasing an Audi 90 Quattro from '95
>  with 18K miles.  It's got all the options and it's in excellent
>  shape. 

I have a '94 - very glad I bought this car.  I was orginally looking for 
a 90 coupe, couldn't find one, the '94 showed up at steve krenzen's in 
marin, it was silver (german racing color!) w/ black leather 
interior...couldn't pass it up.  40k later, still smiling.

IMHO, the 2.8 V6 93-95 90s are better, and much more solid than the 
88-91 80/90s.  I used to have a 90 90q20V, and while the engine  
performance matches, the ride, feel, and reliabilty doesn't match the 
newer series.  Though the engine performance may at first set you back, 
once you understand the power curve, you'll realize that the performance 
is limited by the lousy shift linkage more than anything else.

However, at this stage, for the price you are probably expected to pay, 
($16-$18?), I'd defer the purchase a few weeks until you drive the new 
A4q 1.8T (5 speed).  Also, I think the 92-95 100/A6q are lighter and 
handle better than the 90 - but hard to find in 5-speed.