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Dual Knock sensor motor

	If I were to include Scott's post, and my post, here again, it 
would be way too long.  So, I will try to answer some points from memory.

	First, every motor, not just a turbo motor is concerned with the 
cam profile relative to lift and duration.  Not sure the point here.  Are 
there better cams than stock out there?  Maybe.  None that I have seen 
are worth the cost.

	Second, in reality, the major concern with slight increases in 
compression is detonation.  Several ways around that.  Octane / cool air 
being the two cheapest "cures".  While I posted about the nitrous spray 
to external portion of IC is one way, it is not the most practical for a 
person driving 30,000 miles per year.  Hint here, trying to direct warm 
air over warmer air is a damned poor way of cooling anything.  More on 
that down the road.  Take the IC sprayers discussed earlier here 10 steps 
further---you may find the grail.

	Thirdly, I was comparing the k24 to the RS2.  Not sure how the 
k26 got brought up, but a stock RS2 has more lag than the k26, certainly 
more than the k24.  Bigger turbo = sometimes bigger power at the expense 
of lag.  Surely we can agree on that.

	Finally, my mermaid reference was a way of saying the RS2 will 
give you things, but not everything, and maybe not what you want.  
Remember, I have *nothing* to sell here.  All I know is what I see and 
what I have felt.  If you are saying the RS2 creates the same amount of 
power @2200 that the k24 creates @2000, all I can say is that was not my 
experience, but hey, only did it once.  Also, I do appreciate the 
brain-power on this list.  Never said anything different.  IF someone can 
come up with a better mousetrap, and they are on this list, AND the 
claims hold true based on what I have seen and know---I will be their 
best reference.  Hell of a lot of secrets and innuendos though.  I like 
straight talk and the last thing I have time to do is knock-off someone 
else's idea.  Checks are here, just seldom written:)


PS  Just got off the phone with Paul Westin of Westin Motorsports (610) 
558-0631.  Got a new set of Cool Carbon greens and blues on the way.  
This guy is *great* to deal with.  Highly recommend buying your brake 
pads from him.  All disclaimers.