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87 Coupe GT YAHOOOO!!!

Well, come Wednesday this week I will be the proud new owner of a 
1987 "Special Edition" Coupe GT.  It has just over 63k's on the 
odometer and is costing me $3000.   The car is great but I have a few 

1: The tires are worn.  They are 195/60 SR 14's.  What brand name of 
tire do you recommend as replacements.  I am living in FL so I don't 
need all season traction.  

2:  The reverse lights do not come on.  On my 88 Jetta, the reverse 
light was controlled by a switch on the housing of the transmission.  
Is this the same deal for the Coupe?  All other lights work 

3:  The a/c blows but not very cold.  I have a feeling that it is low 
on freon.  Any other reason it would be doing this?

The car is white on white with white wheels (even the spoiler is 
white). It's in showroom condition.  The driver's seat looks hardly 
used (which it wasn't, I guess).  It has a digital dash which I'm not 
too crazy about but I can definitely live with.  Original paint, 
wheels, and the owner kept better records than my accountant:  Timing 
belt changed at 55k's along with new struts, water pump etc,  oil 
changes every 3000 miles (and receipts to prove it!).  

I can hardly wait til Wednesday

See ya