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more pictures?

After the "new toy" high, I've slowed down quite a bit on scanning things.
But things are going.

I've been slowly scanning in some items of interest in Audi, AWD, rallye,
misc. interesting ads (that most of you never seen in U.S.), and some cars
that I (IMHO) think simply beautiful. Some new scans will also include
several other S8 shots, Postert A3, unofficial offical S4 spy shots, with
misc. A3 shot (including the famous A3s-in-a-concrete-block), etc.

The last time when I tried to e-mail the files to you people, it was more
or less a disaster. Put it another way, some of you know more about your
inbox than others. (: (Well, part of the blame is also on me -- to be so
darn lazy and used cc: -- but there are also some technical problems like
I getting this account terminated if I don't use it properly.) That ended
with some people getting some of the pictures, and others getting only a
few. I can't do ftp on this account anymore. And my alternative account
operating at 28.8k is simply too slow for that purpose. Open to

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