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Do NOT park on the street!

Anyone got a driver's side mirror for a 90-90Q they want to sell me?  How
'bout the black trim piece and some
Titanium touch-up paint?  I've got a price of $76.50 for both from Clair
Audi in Dedham Mass....coulda been a lot
worse.  Still, I can' help but feel like someone I don't even know hit hit
my child.

My driver's side mirror got whacked last night...HARD!  Hit and run
(F****NG A**H***!!).....discovered when I went out
to go see "Private Parts"  (good flick BTW, even if you don't like Howard).
Another 3 inches and it woulda been
adios Audi...so I should be grateful, right?

Paul Royal
90 90Q20v