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Re: busted

Dan Simoes wrote:
> > Are you saying that he was driving with absolutely no lights for a while
> > at night?? Then he zapps you and then he turns on his headlights?
> That's what I'm saying.  The only reason he didn't go after the
> other (faster) guy instead was probably that he would have
> had to pass me in the dark sans lights (dangerous) or turn
> on the lights to safely pass me, which would have alerted
> the other driver.
> Toldya he was slick...
> | Dan |

A similar thing happened to me on RT 84 in CT a couple years ago.  Cop
with out light at all coming up behind me in My coupe.  He wrote me up
for 85.  I considered going to court to point out the unsafe practice of
driving without head lights but figured I was already into the state for
almost $300 and did not want to risk having to pay court cost on top. 
All and all no head lights at night are a sleezy and unsafe practice.