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Re: K&N Cone for 90-90--MY STORY!

I have done the Cone conversion for my Coupe Q and am very happy with it. The
sound it puts out is music to my ears!

As for hot air going into the intake, I noticed this flaw the minute I
installed the cone....SO i built a heat sheild....I cut and installed an
Aluminum sheet that prohibits any air from the engine compartment from
getting to the intake.  Now the only air comes in from behind the headlight.
Next I am looking to route an  air scoop from below up to the intake,
therefore alway blowing fresh cool air into the intake area.  I will be glad
to share the pattern to my heat sheild once I refine it a little more so that
anyone can do this without going to all the trouble I did.

NOW.....PRICE, TAP sells this for $130 I think, but I bought mine from
Schamburg Audi for $95 DELIVERED, what a deal!!!

I say go for it, with the heat shield in place, you have nothing to worry

Christian J. Long
1990 Coupe Quattro
1990 90
Orlando, FL