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200 Questions / Rather legnthy

Easy question......where is the starter on a 1990 200 Quattro located?

     Part two, my car was in an accident seven months ago.....rolled down the
driveway and hit a tree.  Hit on the front right side, directly in front of
the alternator.  Granted I have been in a heated dispute with 'Liberty
Mutual' over the quality of the workmanship, and meanwhile have not had my
car for going-on-seven months now.
     I had been to visit the body shop several times during the initial
repair work.  The first time I was there, I noticed that all the damage that
could be conceled behind the fender cover was still there, rust and all. I
insisted they do not allow their employed teenage son to work on my car any
more. Several things have happened to the car while in the care of the body
shop and Liberty Mutual.  My E-Brake totally froze, None of my windows work,
as well as finding out via last weeks snow storm, that my drivers side window
has been open for two weeks now, my right rear tire is totally flat and
probably been sitting on the rim forever, my rotors are rusted all to hell
and lotsa new scratches on my new paint.

The day I originally picked up the car, from this body shop recommended by my
ins. co., It drove about fifty feet and the engine failed.  Body shop said Oh
well, take it to a mechanic.  So I did.  Later found out that the body shop
removed and improperly replaced some vacuum tubes, and vala, no run.  Fixed
that, picked up the car for the second time, drove fifty more feet in the
rain, bamm, no winshield wiper action.  Called body shop via cellular phone
and found out the winshield wiper arms were replaced because they were bent
behind the hood in the accident and for some mysterious reason dont work now.
 Stopped and got rain-x, cured the problem for another fifty feet and the oil
light flashes, no oil pressure on the gauge.  Hmm, no oil in the pan.  While
looking under the hood, I noticed my alternator belt fell off. Towed again to
another place.  The turbo intercooler had been replaced in the original
repair from the body shop, so I assumed it was related to this.  I now find
out that two oil pressure switches are also to blame for the oil loss.  One
on the front of the engine, and one on the drivers side of the engine, both
are cracked.  Can this be related to that Piece-a-work of a body shop?

Mind you, the front seal on the new hood is missing...
The under the hood light fell out when I opened it...
I have had to replace a starter and a battery at my expense...
as well as pay for a beautiful $100 new divit in my trunk lid.
The radio is eternally stuck in safe mode...forever!
Headlights aim into the trees ...
Alternator has no belt...
Major oil leak(s)....
and many more concerns.

The Audi dealer that it is now at has made it clear to me and the insurance
co. that there are workmanship issues relating to the original body shop.
 Needless to say, even if I get my car back totally fixed, I have lost faith
in it.  Taking it on long trips will be scary and stressfull.  Am I being
petty or can someone please help me with some advice as to how to get this
insurance co. to get their rear in gear and fix this s@#t, before I go
Sorry for the rambling.
1990 200 Quattro (In a coma for six and a half months)