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Buzzin cams

	In street applications, people are usually more open on a 
particular grind [how much lift, how much duration] of cam.  In racing, 
*most* people will tell you the lift, the smart ones will *not* tell you 
the duration.  Really, the argument that is going on is about the two 
sides of the same coin.  On turbo race cars you will not find instances 
[at least none that I can ever recall] where the cam grinder increased 
lift yet left duration alone or decreased it.  Drag racing turbo cars 
increase profile dramatically, but this is not what you want [unless your 
desired power band is 5,500-9,000, or something similarly crazy.

	Depending on your desired application, I would venture to say 
lift on a blown motor is increased less [proportionally speaking] than is 
duration.  Not unusual for lift increase to be roughly half [or less] of 
duration increase.  But,  you *must* be specific in your application 
before any "rule" applies to this.  Eric's application discussed was 
rather specific [racing], Scott, your application is a bit cloudier to me.

Be nice kids!