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Insurance/collision repair

While we are on this subject of auto body shops and insurance, one of 
you bastards must have inadvertently put a curse on me ;). I noticed the 
first spot of rust on my '86 5ks a few minutes ago. It is smaller than a 
quarter-- on the rear driver's corner of the car just below the tail 

A year and a half ago, a woman driving an Econoline van rear-ended me 
Dumb, dumb woman, too busy watching her brood and not the road. I fought 
with State Farm (her insurer) as it was (They kept asking me to sign 
things. I told them "no." Finally resolved the problem )  Now, of course 
this corner was certainly stressed in the accident, as they had to bend 
the rear end back, replace the bumper and deck lid and some other 
things. This body shop was recommended by SFI and they are certainly 

What I am saying here is that my car was rust-free-- and the spot where 
it began to rust was likely induced by the collision. Is there anything 
I can do? Should I go to State Farm, the body shop, or my attorney?

I do have a couple of friends who would be delighted to make sure both 
SFI and the body shop lost money too, but that seems a little childish.